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Artistic Projects

I have a passion for taking big picture ideas and putting them into practice. Here are featured creative passion projects of mine.


Live Event Painting

Event planners and corporate representatives hire me to paint live for their events. Take a look at some of the events I have done.


Visionary Portrait Sessions

I am pleased to offer a unique experience for anyone looking to manifest their visions and goals. Click here to see more!


About The Artist


A Little Intro

I consider myself a dream painter.

Through painting my voice and spirit come together in a dreamy vision. I use oils and watercolour to orchestrate those dreamy visions.

Looking at art matters just as much as creating it. The viewer matters to me. I want to bridge with humanity by capturing themes of being human.


I love having people from all walks of life see and reflect on these paintings as if they are seeing dreams, as if they are seeing a story, as if the images are trying to communicate a personal truth that couldn’t find the words. I hope this experience can help inspire the connection with your own personal truth.

As I paint, my mantra repeats: “I am a woman. I am love. I am the universe and society. I am a continuous part of our shared whole.”

I hope my dreams can be a bridge to yours.


My Exhibitions

February 2017 – Curator and Exhibiting Artist – Twist Gallery: Emergence and Rebirth

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