About Me

About Me


Through painting, my mind and heart are searching.exploring.seeking::::

painting is a space for me to be free::to communicate sensitively::to make meaning:::

to voice my heart and mind and have the painting itself inspire

others to do the same:

to be free::to communicate::to find meaning.


a message, a vision.

Through painting my voice and spirit come together in a vision.

I use oils and watercolour to orchestrate those visions.

Looking at art matters just as much as creating it. The viewer matters to me. I want to bridge with humanity.

I love having people from all walks of life see and reflect on these visions called paintings as if they are seeing dreams, as if they are seeing a story, as if the images are trying to communicate a personal truth that couldn’t find the words. I hope this experience can help inspire the connection with your own personal truth.

I am a woman. I am love. I am the universe and society. I am a continuous part of our shared whole.

One day, I hope my stories can be a bridge to yours.

About Me

Evelisa Natasha is a painter based in Toronto, but is a woman of the world.


Twist Gallery: 2017
Super Wonder Gallery: 2016
Vaughan Juried Exhibition: 2008


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